Highlanders — Cute, Resilient, And Profitable


Mini Highlanders have shaggy coats that protect them from harsh environmental conditions. Raising this small livestock breed could be a lucrative decision that will vastly improve your experience as an agricultural property owner.

The Features

A Highland cow or bull features a thick wooly undercoat and a coarse topcoat. These animals have beautiful eyes that are fringed with dense lashes. A Highlander has horns on top of their head that are used when foraging for food. A Highland cow or bull's physical features make them well-suited for living in cold regions that experience extensive rain, snow, sleet, and ice.

A Highland animal will have muscle tissue that is less fatty than a standard cow or bull's muscle tissue. As a direct result of this, a Highland meat product is highly regarded. Tender cuts of beef that are featured in fancy dining establishments are often acquired from the Highland breed.

The Acquisition

The Highland breed is imported and exported from various countries. Some local breeders may raise this type of animal, equipping you with the possibility of purchasing a new livestock brood that will fit right in with the rest of your farm animals. Highlanders may have been crossbred with another type of cow or bull. It is fairly common for cross-breeding to take place.

Since a purebred Highlander is relatively small in size, many breeders will pair a Highlander with a slightly larger animal. This will allow a breeder to maximize the amount of money that they can potentially sell their livestock for. A larger Highlander will yield a larger amount of beef, increasing the profit potential that a seller acquires. When speaking with a breeder, request information about the lineage of the livestock that they are featuring. This will give you some insight into the health or temperament of a particular animal.

The Care Steps

A Highlander should be equipped with a stall for sleeping and an enclosed area for grazing and exercising. Highlanders can be taught to follow your lead, in the same fashion that your standard bulls and cows may have been taught. Highlanders should be fed a quality diet. Food products can be purchased at an agricultural feed store. You will need to groom your new animals. Due to the long, thick fur that Highlanders possess, you will need to invest in some specialized shampoos, conditioners, and combs that can be used to clean and detangle fur.

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19 December 2022

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